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Disposable CBD Vapes and Breathables in Austin Texas

CBD Flower is a timeless way of enjoying the benefits of CBD, but many of our customers in Austin have been turning to CBD vapes and disposables as a more convenient option.

CBD vapes and disposables function very similarly to flower or prerolls, but with vapor instead of smoke. This is a less harsh way of enjoying CBD without compromising on the effects experienced.

Buy CBD Disposables From A Trustworthy Store in Austin

Quality CBD disposables are hard to come by. Starting with the cannabinoid itself, it's important for manufacturers to use high quality hemp flower when creating hemp distillate or CBD. There are many different strains of hemp flower and they all have their own unique quantity of CBD as well as different terpene profiles which makes the flower smell and taste different. If you’re curious about the authenticity of any of our products, you can verify the quantity and quality of our CBD disposables by checking out their Certificates of Analysis or COAs. These COAs verify that all of the disposables and other products we carry contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC, making them federally legal under the 2018 farm bill. 

We Are Your Source for Premium CBD Disposables from Austin Texas

Pinnacle Essentials is ready to help you find the disposables you need! We carry a variety of CBD disposables including different full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD disposables. Visit our two physical stores to order wholesale or individual packages of CBD flower in Austin Texas. We deliver to the following cities in our service area in Texas:

  • Cedar Park, TX

  • Round Rock, TX

  • Georgetown, TX

Discover the best CBD flower online and place your order!